Welcome to the Velopouch #31 for Cyclists
About Us
Having been a “Social” Cyclist for over 5 years now, I’ve gone through a fair amount of Bike saddle bags dangling like varying appendages from the back of my saddles!  Not only spoiling the aesthetic of all that wonderful engineering and design of the bike, but probably worse the contents rattling and shaking like a miniature tool box!
Once you need access you have all experienced the frustration of a fuzzed Zip – while you try to pry open the bag to release your chattels ! Only to find you have pull it to hard  - the zip handle has just snapped off!

Incremental gains are not only important to a professional team – but anything to make a ride more comfortable (and stylish) I’ll grab with both hands!

VeloPouch  was born when at a local café ride my good friend and I spotted a series of different pouches and plastic bags all serving the same function, none in the right form.  We went to work on coming up with a case design to improve the storage experience, pack in more features, functionality and styled for the cyclist.
The Velo Pouch has all these elements!

With the skilled resource of a professional case company we sort to make the lives of all cyclists from beginner to racer  just a little more simplified and easier so we can continue to live our passion!