Welcome to the Velopouch #31 for Cyclists
What if...
you could fit EVERYTHING you need for a ride in a single, convenient pouch?
Meet the
Vélo Pouch #31

Sized to fit Jersey Pockets

Even at full capacity, the Velo #31 fits perfectly into your jersey pocket. Keeps everything neat and organised so you never have to search for what you need. Spend more time riding and less time re-packing.

Anti-Grav elastic system

Create your own pro kit with all your essential tools. Versatile elastic system fits all items you require without having to re-pack every time. Turn it upside down and shake! All items stay securely in place.


Easily slims down to carry less, and crushes flat for storage. Extra thick zip-around designs offers maximum flexibility for your needs.

Universal Wallet

Innovative leather and metal design holds cards and cash, everything you need for a day out.

Fits most smartphones

Elastic edges and carefully measured pouch fits all popular phones made by Apple, Samsung, and many others, even the iPhone 6s Plus, and Samsung Galaxy Note 5!

In-Touch Window

Keep control of your phone without the need to open the case. Your information at a glance so you don't miss a beat.

Bespoke Branding

Take it a step further and order a batch of brand new Velo cases with your own custom branding. Logos are embossed into the leather during the manufacturing process, for that OEM look.

Splash & Drop Resistant

ip64 resists water splashes to keep your gear dry. Solid padded design produces a satisfying "thud" when dropped on hard surfaces.

Custom Engraving

Add ICE and owner information or a custom message of your choice, with our precision laser engraving service.

Anti-Grav Elastic System

6 elastic loops sized to fit a variety of standard tool sizes

Universal Smartphone Pouch

Elastic sides for a flexible and snug fit.

Quality Leather
and Canvas Build

Protective and stylish with durable materials and eye-catching appeal.

Keyring Zip

Attach a set of keys or a chain for added security.

Universal Wallet

Slide what you need in from any direction. Great for small flat items such as spare keys, cash, or loyalty cards from your favourite destinations.

Crush-friendly Design

Pack it full, or slim it down, holds as much or as little as you need.

Watch the Video

Vélo Case founder Ken Graham reveals the design philosophy behind the Vélo #31 Pouch, and answers questions about the Vélo's primary features.

A Perfect Fit

This isn't some re-purposed shaving kit! The Velo is designed from the ground up to be the ideal size and shape for your Jersey pocket.

Gravity Defying Design

elastic system keeps tools and kit in place to avoid embarasing and tool-damaging spills. Hold upside-down and even shake! Gear stays neatly organised and doesn't shift around or create uncomfortable bulges while in your pocket.

Fit to Your Kit

Whether you take your entire kit, or stick to just the essentials, the Velo sizes to fit your needs, so you can carry as much or as little as you like.

Right on The Money

No need to carry a separate wallet! The Velo has you covered with an innovative slim wallet with metal accents which form an innovative 4-way open-back pocket as well as two dedicated card pockets. Combined with the top-zip design, the Velo keeps your cards and other flat items ready to go at a moment's notice.

Keep In Touch

Check a message, navigate, or even take a phone call, all without the need to open the case! The Velo gives you access to important functions on your phone to keep you connected.

Universal Appeal

Small and large smartphones fit comfortably inside the Velo. Our clingy vinyl window helps keep the device in place and the elastic-sided pouches ensure even large phones fit like a glove.

Make a Splash

Worry free splash-proofing (IP64) and rugged natural padding makes the Velo as protective as it is stylish. Durable exterior protects from drops on hard surfaces.